Valvrave the Liberator

Can I say that this anime is a little bit weird? At the first few episodes, it seemed normal; about the war and battle ships. It was a total mind fuck  when the lead acted like a total freak, i mean like a vampire or something (he wasn’t really a vampire right? i mean vampires eat human blood and he just bite people to his own convince right? i’m so confused about this anime!). I didn’t expect any of that mystical-power-thingy to happen in a futuristic anime, it was a real surprise for me, i’m not a fan of gundam or space stuff anime but I am a fan of vampires, so I continued watching it. I kinda got used to the weird phenomenon between the special characters and the Valvraves, plus the side effect of the Valvrave 1 that makes him act like a vampire.

But one of the most WTF moment for me was the part when Haruto got out of control and attacked/raped Saki. I just typed raped? YES I DID. OMG there I was thinking that he was a vampire and he would actually suck saki’s blood but NO, he raped her! and did i mention that Saki likes Haruto? well there you have it, rape or not Saki didn’t resist knowing well that Haruto is under some kind of weird shit curse and the secret fact that she likes Haruto. UGH wtf. I don’t really get it, but one thing I know is that Saki and Shoko like Haruto and Haruto is torn between the both. Meeeh, shoko is the girl that she really liked but Saki well she raped her, he needs to take responsibility BUT Saki doesn’t want Haruto to be with him just because of that. What bullcrap i’m so confused i don’t know who to ship….

On the last episode of the first season, I was puking rainbows in my mind and i think i had gone crazy because, the Dorssia people were attacking JIOR and they were losing. Then Cain suddenly became this powerful sadistic jerk and the Valvre 1 was calling onii-chan to the valvre that cain was using…SO WTF was that? i can’t wait for the 2nd season, someone please enlighten me, I’M VERY MUCH CONFUSE!

I’ll be waiting for the 2nd season even if it’s all weird and crazy. ❤


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