Once again

Hi blog, i have once again failed to do what needs to be done here. I guess I’ll never be consistent in posting entries here especially the adventure and anime review parts. I haven’t watched animes recently and my adventures were more on studying, drinking and partying with friends, those were semi-significant adventures and most of the time i don’t remember those nights because i don’t know? wasted? drinking issues i guess.

& uhm just to update things here, i graduated last may 2015 and now i’m still unemployed; i am wasting my time watching american series suchs as Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A Time, How to Get Away with Murder etc… Recently, i discovered that one of my favorite RomCom tv series,Manhattan Love Story, was cancelled. According to a website ABC cancelled the show because it accumulated low ratings. Too bad it got cancelled, i loved the characters and actors!!! WHY!?!?   

Enough ranting, i don’t want to make this post to be about how sad i am for this show. Let me get this post back on track, okay. go. 

Now that I have all these free time, I’m thinking/planning to be active here *i’m pretty active in my other blog on tumblr but it’s more on reblogs and photos nothing really personal*  So you guys will hear a lot of personal posts from this blog yay. I might as well do tv series reviews on my favorite shows, end of post. Thanks!


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