Free travel?

I see this photo on my nf frequently and I kinda disagree with the “you’d never see me again” part.

this photo is not mine
this photo is not mine

I think that traveling can be done in two ways; first is by yourself– some alone time isn’t so bad, especially when you’re in that phase of your life that you need to find or fix yourself. A good trip outside the city can be an example of traveling to find yourself, where in you can view the rising of the sun, smell the freshness of the air and hear the chirping of the birds, these simple things can heal your soul and can make you realize that life can offer so much more. Traveling alone might boost your self worth because by spending time alone you might know yourself better and by knowing one’s self he/she can grow to love their imperfections. So why don’t you try and travel the world alone, discover the beauty of nature and of yourself. Second is with good company– after your alone time, it is now a good time to spend it with your squad, enjoy each others company; talk over personal things in front of a bonfire or even under the stars, talk about the things that scares you and face them together ( talking about cliff jumping and other extreme sports). Creating memories with them would probably be the highlight of your memories as a teen or young adult, so go out there and call your friends because adventures will be more fun if you could share the fun with someone.

For me, if traveling was free (and you’re my friend) you’d probably see me all the time, banging at your door asking if you could accompany me in some fun adventure somewhere. I’d enjoy the adventure if i’m with my squad, my very diverse and crazy squad but reality is cruel and we all know that traveling is expensive but that doesn’t mean that we can’t create memories and besides, after all the traveling, the thing that would matter in the end will be the memories. So go out there and enjoy life with your squad and at the same time save up some money for your travel dreams.*wink wink* and don’t forget to bang my door and ask me to go with you okay?


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