#1: LoL ( league of legends)

Is it unusual for a girl to play online games? I think not. Feminist.   I’m not going to start an argument about this but I would like to point out that I play online games and one of the game i play is LoL (league of legends). I used to play iDate, o2jam, Dota, GC etc.. but they bored me so i stopped. . . I’m losing my topic!! this is why i find it hard to post  goddamit  let’s talk about League of Legends, yes?

I started to play this game last summer vacation. My brother frequently plays this game, so i ended up asking him questions like: ” yan ba yung dota 2?”, “maganda ba yan” or like “madali lang ba yan”. After bombarding him with a lot of question he gave me the sige-try-mo-look. I did bad on the first try but I enjoyed it, that’s the important part in playing, so i said yes to playing LoL, for one reason: I was so bored with watching naruto and his ninja friends please don’t hate me, i actually love naruto . 


so here is a photo of what you’ll see if you played the game. It’s quite easy to play. Compared to dota, i prefer LoL because of its anime like graphics, variety of champions with different powers and specialties (from long range to mili-range, AD and AP) plus the cuteness and unique personality of each champions.




You earn money and experience with every battle. Buy champions, skins, buffs/boosts and runes from the shop and every time you level up you get a +1  point which is needed for your masteries.

  • Skins are like dress for your champions
  • Runes increase either the defense or damage of your champion
  • masteries also increase your champion’s efficiency

It’s easier for you to build items for your champion especially when you’re a beginner because the best items for your champ is already at the recommended section of the shop.

and one of  the most important point that I learned is having a good set of team mates and a balanced set of champions will definitely take that victory flag!