Vampire Knight Special Chapter 93.5

Vampire-KnightI was not informed about the release of this chapter. I thought that chapter 93 was the last release!!! Maybe the mangaka realized that she was a bit fast on the ending and decided to give the readers some brief explanation about Yuuki and Zero. Well anyway, i read it, I was teary and emotional. The love story of Yuuki’s friend was unexpected;it was sweet and tragic. I’m feeling sad for Zero lol actually my emotions are mixed so i don’t know how to describe it. I’m so emotional vampire knight is really really over, there’s no more special chapters or whatsoever. I highly recommend that you guys read the manga. It’s happy, sweet, tragic, breath taking, emotional and depressing. UUUUGH Vampire Knight will always be at the top of my manga list.


Valvrave the Liberator

Can I say that this anime is a little bit weird? At the first few episodes, it seemed normal; about the war and battle ships. It was a total mind fuck  when the lead acted like a total freak, i mean like a vampire or something (he wasn’t really a vampire right? i mean vampires eat human blood and he just bite people to his own convince right? i’m so confused about this anime!). I didn’t expect any of that mystical-power-thingy to happen in a futuristic anime, it was a real surprise for me, i’m not a fan of gundam or space stuff anime but I am a fan of vampires, so I continued watching it. I kinda got used to the weird phenomenon between the special characters and the Valvraves, plus the side effect of the Valvrave 1 that makes him act like a vampire.

But one of the most WTF moment for me was the part when Haruto got out of control and attacked/raped Saki. I just typed raped? YES I DID. OMG there I was thinking that he was a vampire and he would actually suck saki’s blood but NO, he raped her! and did i mention that Saki likes Haruto? well there you have it, rape or not Saki didn’t resist knowing well that Haruto is under some kind of weird shit curse and the secret fact that she likes Haruto. UGH wtf. I don’t really get it, but one thing I know is that Saki and Shoko like Haruto and Haruto is torn between the both. Meeeh, shoko is the girl that she really liked but Saki well she raped her, he needs to take responsibility BUT Saki doesn’t want Haruto to be with him just because of that. What bullcrap i’m so confused i don’t know who to ship….

On the last episode of the first season, I was puking rainbows in my mind and i think i had gone crazy because, the Dorssia people were attacking JIOR and they were losing. Then Cain suddenly became this powerful sadistic jerk and the Valvre 1 was calling onii-chan to the valvre that cain was using…SO WTF was that? i can’t wait for the 2nd season, someone please enlighten me, I’M VERY MUCH CONFUSE!

I’ll be waiting for the 2nd season even if it’s all weird and crazy. ❤

Chihayafuru (anime)

hello fellow otakus! I have finished chihayafuru season 1 and 2!! All I can say is, TAICHI and CHIHAYA should definitely be together! i mean, yes chihaya likes arata even though she realized it too late, i mean wtf she realized it at the last episode of the second season! she’s dense, very very very dense. but taichi is much cooler and cuter, they look pretty good together plus! he’s been there to support chihaya. I like arata but i don’t feel any sparks for him and chihaya. gomen~

Anyway, Chihayafuru is one of the best anime i’ve ever watched. It’s one of those anime that made me cry, smile, laugh, worry, adore and love. The greatness of this anime can be compared to Honey and Clover, yes that’s my favorite anime and yes i cried over that anime a million times already. So having said that, i’ll be putting chihayafuru in my best anime list.  I’m waiting for the third season, i have a great amount of confidence that it will have a third season because, the manga is still ongoing and the possibility of the 2nd season happened already, so why not make the 3rd season? And i’m sure a lot of people are reading/ watching chihayafuru, so there is only time to waste and patience to take! Let’s all wait for the 3rd season of Chihayafuru!!

should i read the manga? i only watched the anime, idk where to start in the manga! Help me please~


the most tragic part of life is the part that you realized that you have not achieved anything great.

It’s not like you didn’t tried,
you just had your thoughts tied.

it’s not like you did not learn,
you just allowed it go down and burn.

it’s not like you did not cry,
your eyes just ran dry.

it’s not like your dumb,
but you just feel like you are numb.

#1: LoL ( league of legends)

Is it unusual for a girl to play online games? I think not. Feminist.   I’m not going to start an argument about this but I would like to point out that I play online games and one of the game i play is LoL (league of legends). I used to play iDate, o2jam, Dota, GC etc.. but they bored me so i stopped. . . I’m losing my topic!! this is why i find it hard to post  goddamit  let’s talk about League of Legends, yes?

I started to play this game last summer vacation. My brother frequently plays this game, so i ended up asking him questions like: ” yan ba yung dota 2?”, “maganda ba yan” or like “madali lang ba yan”. After bombarding him with a lot of question he gave me the sige-try-mo-look. I did bad on the first try but I enjoyed it, that’s the important part in playing, so i said yes to playing LoL, for one reason: I was so bored with watching naruto and his ninja friends please don’t hate me, i actually love naruto . 


so here is a photo of what you’ll see if you played the game. It’s quite easy to play. Compared to dota, i prefer LoL because of its anime like graphics, variety of champions with different powers and specialties (from long range to mili-range, AD and AP) plus the cuteness and unique personality of each champions.




You earn money and experience with every battle. Buy champions, skins, buffs/boosts and runes from the shop and every time you level up you get a +1  point which is needed for your masteries.

  • Skins are like dress for your champions
  • Runes increase either the defense or damage of your champion
  • masteries also increase your champion’s efficiency

It’s easier for you to build items for your champion especially when you’re a beginner because the best items for your champ is already at the recommended section of the shop.

and one of  the most important point that I learned is having a good set of team mates and a balanced set of champions will definitely take that victory flag!