Gakuen Alice

The manga of Gakuen Alice, also known as Alice Academy by Higuchi Tachibana  had already ended recently this year (2014, for the translated scans available online but for the original manga I think it ended around last year 2013).  It ended with 31 volumes with 180 chapters.

What do I feel about the whole manga?

I feel sad because it’s over and the ending is quite vague. I just wish that the author made a chapter about the marriage of Tsubasa  to Misaki, a chapter on how the imai siblings survived or how will they be able to come back to the present time with the help of mikan and the rest, and then another chapter or volume for the development of Mikan & Natsume’s love story. The love story phase of this manga was too fast; I guess the author didn’t want to give much attention to the romance part of the story but rather she wanted to put more power/ empahisis on the friendship theme of the story. Nonetheless the author gave some sweet lovey dovey parts, so it’s okay, but i really wanted more!!!

Have you seen the epilogue and memorial book of GA? If not, then you should definitely find it and read it. There are pictures available which will kinda enlighten the minds of the fans. And if you don’t know gauken alice then i suggest that you read it now because it really is worth it.


Valvrave the Liberator

Can I say that this anime is a little bit weird? At the first few episodes, it seemed normal; about the war and battle ships. It was a total mind fuck  when the lead acted like a total freak, i mean like a vampire or something (he wasn’t really a vampire right? i mean vampires eat human blood and he just bite people to his own convince right? i’m so confused about this anime!). I didn’t expect any of that mystical-power-thingy to happen in a futuristic anime, it was a real surprise for me, i’m not a fan of gundam or space stuff anime but I am a fan of vampires, so I continued watching it. I kinda got used to the weird phenomenon between the special characters and the Valvraves, plus the side effect of the Valvrave 1 that makes him act like a vampire.

But one of the most WTF moment for me was the part when Haruto got out of control and attacked/raped Saki. I just typed raped? YES I DID. OMG there I was thinking that he was a vampire and he would actually suck saki’s blood but NO, he raped her! and did i mention that Saki likes Haruto? well there you have it, rape or not Saki didn’t resist knowing well that Haruto is under some kind of weird shit curse and the secret fact that she likes Haruto. UGH wtf. I don’t really get it, but one thing I know is that Saki and Shoko like Haruto and Haruto is torn between the both. Meeeh, shoko is the girl that she really liked but Saki well she raped her, he needs to take responsibility BUT Saki doesn’t want Haruto to be with him just because of that. What bullcrap i’m so confused i don’t know who to ship….

On the last episode of the first season, I was puking rainbows in my mind and i think i had gone crazy because, the Dorssia people were attacking JIOR and they were losing. Then Cain suddenly became this powerful sadistic jerk and the Valvre 1 was calling onii-chan to the valvre that cain was using…SO WTF was that? i can’t wait for the 2nd season, someone please enlighten me, I’M VERY MUCH CONFUSE!

I’ll be waiting for the 2nd season even if it’s all weird and crazy. ❤

Chihayafuru (anime)

hello fellow otakus! I have finished chihayafuru season 1 and 2!! All I can say is, TAICHI and CHIHAYA should definitely be together! i mean, yes chihaya likes arata even though she realized it too late, i mean wtf she realized it at the last episode of the second season! she’s dense, very very very dense. but taichi is much cooler and cuter, they look pretty good together plus! he’s been there to support chihaya. I like arata but i don’t feel any sparks for him and chihaya. gomen~

Anyway, Chihayafuru is one of the best anime i’ve ever watched. It’s one of those anime that made me cry, smile, laugh, worry, adore and love. The greatness of this anime can be compared to Honey and Clover, yes that’s my favorite anime and yes i cried over that anime a million times already. So having said that, i’ll be putting chihayafuru in my best anime list.  I’m waiting for the third season, i have a great amount of confidence that it will have a third season because, the manga is still ongoing and the possibility of the 2nd season happened already, so why not make the 3rd season? And i’m sure a lot of people are reading/ watching chihayafuru, so there is only time to waste and patience to take! Let’s all wait for the 3rd season of Chihayafuru!!

should i read the manga? i only watched the anime, idk where to start in the manga! Help me please~