Gakuen Alice

The manga of Gakuen Alice, also known as Alice Academy by Higuchi Tachibana  had already ended recently this year (2014, for the translated scans available online but for the original manga I think it ended around last year 2013).  It ended with 31 volumes with 180 chapters.

What do I feel about the whole manga?

I feel sad because it’s over and the ending is quite vague. I just wish that the author made a chapter about the marriage of Tsubasa  to Misaki, a chapter on how the imai siblings survived or how will they be able to come back to the present time with the help of mikan and the rest, and then another chapter or volume for the development of Mikan & Natsume’s love story. The love story phase of this manga was too fast; I guess the author didn’t want to give much attention to the romance part of the story but rather she wanted to put more power/ empahisis on the friendship theme of the story. Nonetheless the author gave some sweet lovey dovey parts, so it’s okay, but i really wanted more!!!

Have you seen the epilogue and memorial book of GA? If not, then you should definitely find it and read it. There are pictures available which will kinda enlighten the minds of the fans. And if you don’t know gauken alice then i suggest that you read it now because it really is worth it.